About Us

Evergreen Lighting is a California original architectural LED lighting manufacturer that has designed and produced every light fixture in our facility since 1993. In 2017 Evergreen Lighting retooled our factory to create a state of the art new facility which enables us to have the capabilities and flexibility to do most any light fixture design in our categories. We manufacture and assemble every component of the light fixtures we make in our factory. We also have created our own domestic LED Chip patented design. Our specialty is doing specification grade exterior Column/Post Heads, Bollards, Wall Sconces.  We are very proficient in interior Ceiling, Pendant and many other special or modified fixtures. We consider our greatest strength to be able to match our fixtures to the architectural applications of a project as opposed to a specifier having limited options. We consider Evergreen Lighting to be the best value in the lighting industry among all  lighting manufacturers. By having a totally vertical manufacturing facility it allows us to find a lighting solution for every project whether it is aesthetic driven or a budget focus.

We are proud to say Made in America!

1379 Ridgeway St., Pomona, CA 91768 / Phone 909 865-5599, Fax 909 865-5539